Outdoor renovations to add value to your home

Date published to the Blog: May 12, 2021

With the last year of being largely house bound, we have come to appreciate and need our outdoor space more than ever before… While aesthetics are important, the focus now is on practical usability - making the most of your outdoor space, and it’s the practical and functional solutions that will add value to your home...

Mature planting. While plants, seeds and pots will add aesthetic value, a more mature-looking and established garden can add actual value, so if you’re going to do a bit of gardening, consider buying some grown trees and shrubs  The experts at Notcutts Garden Centre will be more than happy to tell you the best plants and trees for your garden. Remember to take a note of where you sunny and shady areas are, which direction you face and what type of soil you have. 

Garden rooms, gyms and offices. Working from home is now a norm, as is finding ways to keep healthy at home, so moving out work or exercise equipment to the garden and leaving the home free of additional clutter is a definite winner. You can go basic or fancy, and prices can reflect this. You might also be considering guest accommodation or a teenager retreat and similar to adding a garden office or gym, creating an extra living or bedroom can certainly add value, and garden accommodation can be a brilliant way of providing guest accommodation for your family and friends, or independent living space for grandparents or teenagers.   Chat to the consultants at Johnsons Garden Buildings who'll be more than happy to advise you.

Conservatories. Get the outdoors, indoor with a conservatory or orangerie. There are lots of different styles these days, ranging from the traditional to the super contemporary, so there’s something to suit all tastes and styles of homes, visit Fineline and come and see theirhuge  show centre and get expert advice.

Bi-folds, stacked, sliding or patio doors. If you’ve already got a kitchen or dining room that has a window or single door to the garden, make the most of this connection by opening it up and creating a seamless transition to your outdoor entertaining space. Ask the consultants at Fineline for the best type of door to suit or work with your space.  

Decked or paved patio or outdoor dining/entertaining area. A well-positioned, level and usable outdoor patio area is perfect for all year round use and this can really sell your home.  Add a shaded or pergola area that could also be adapted with covers or screens for the winter. Visit Notcutts Garden Centre and Timberjacks Fencing for expert advice supply and service.

Of course there are plenty of other outdoor renovations and additions you can make, such as creating a fabulous pond or water feature and there's a vast array of water gardening products that can be found at Maidenhead Aquatics. You might also be hankering after hot tub, garden bar, outdoor kitchen or even an outdoor cinema... and while these won’t necessarily add value to your home, they’ll add a whole lot of fun...which is, of course, priceless!

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