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Maidenhead Aquatics is the home of all things aquatic in Maidstone! Specialising in freshwater fish you will be able to find everything you need for your pond or Aquarium here. We look to cater for everybody from the beginner to the seasoned campaigner, and as such our livestock is very varied. We have a good selection of coldwater fish, including but not limited to Fancy goldfish varieties and small temperate species.
We stock a wide array of Tropical fish, from “bread and butter” species like beautiful fancy guppies and vivid cardinal tetras, to the more quirky species like cheeky gobies and characterful catfish. Aquatic plants are one of our passions here and you will find a wealth of lush plants for both aquariums and ponds.

Speaking of ponds, don’t forget to come and see our Koi display pond, with some beautiful examples of the “kings of pondfish”, you can even hand feed them! Other species of pond fish are well represented here too from colourful goldfish varieties to the more unusual species like tench and rudd.

Maidenhead Aquatics is known for stocking a range of quality dry goods and this store is no exception, you can find a good stock of products from leading manufacturers including all our exclusive ranges. If you are looking for something we don’t have in stock our friendly team will be more than happy to source it for you. All our staff are enthusiasts and we would love to invite you to share your passion for fish with us.

Please bear in mind that we are a new store and our official launch will be at the end of May 2018, until that time we may not have a full range of all our usual stocks, so call ahead if there is something specific you require.
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