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With restrictions lifted and life on its way back to normal, we all want to be able to get out and about and start living properly again. For those with mobility issues, this is not always easy, which is where assisted living solutions can transform people's quality of life - both inside and outside the home.

An ageing population
We are now living to the ripest old ages we have ever done, due to better healthcare. The number of people of 80 or over in the UK is around 3.2 million.  Almost 600,000 of these are aged 90 or over.  By 2041 it is expected that there will be over 3 million people aged 85 or over – more than double the number that there are today. However, the number of people living in specialist retirement housing or in care homes is relatively low; most older people still live in their own homes.

While not all people who need mobility help in the home are part of the older generations, the vast majority are. Assisted living solutions are therefore vital and our specialist services, Charterwood Mobility and AHM Installations are at the forefront of providing people with the help they need to live happily and easily in their own homes for as long as possible.

Mobility solutions for inside and outside the home
We are incredibly lucky to have Charterwood Mobility on site at Newnham court Shopping Village.   Having started in 1995, they are now well known for their brilliant range of mobility scooters, powerchairs, wheelchairs that enable those in need to get out and about outside the home, but in case you didn't know, they also stock a range of very high quality rise and recline chairs, riser beds and bathroom aids and accessories for all kinds of mobility needs inside the home too.

The staff are friendly and helpful, fully qualified and experts in all areas of mobility and will be happy to help you transform your home and your life to give you the best quality independent living possible. They will even take away any unwanted furniture when to your home, to save you the hassle.

Independent bathrooms and toilets
Being able to bath and go to the toilet is one of the most important aspects of independent living. AHM Installations has been designing stylish, accessible bathrooms that provide a safe and comfortable bathing experience for over 20 years. If you can no longer bathe due to limited mobility, AHM will create a bathroom to meet your practical needs, but one that also looks and feels luxurious.

Whether you need a walk-in bath, walk-in shower or wet room, or even a smart toilet and bidet the lovely people at AHM will create a bespoke bathing solution at an affordable cost. Just pop in to see them at our AHM showroom

So if you're looking for help to get out more, or indeed to have an easier life at home, then make sure you come to Newnham Court Shopping Village to talk to the experts. Our excellent range of shops and services are contained in an easy to use, safe and friendly space, with plenty of easy access for wheelchair or assisted shoppers, lots of dedicated FREE parking and all our shops and restaurants on one level to make your experience as comfortable, convenient and enjoyable as possible.

If you need additional assistance while you’re with us, you can also book a wheelchair or powered scooter for your visit through Charterwood Mobility. Simply call them on 01622 631511 to book.  Pre-booking is required but not essential and please note that a valid form of identification will be required when you use this service). The Shopmobility service operates Monday - Saturday 9.00am - 4.30pm, and Sunday 11.00am - 4.00pm.

Looking forward to seeing you very soon.

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