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Avoid last-minute school uniform panic!

It’s the end of another school year, which means the start of a new year in September, and perhaps a whole new school. Newnham Court Shopping Village’s latest addition, Simmonds and Son is here to help you and your child get through the uniform buying process as quickly and painlessly as possible!

At the end of the year, uniforms may be looking a little frayed around the edges or need to be completely replaced, and now’s the time to do it so you’re not left in a last-minute panic at the end of the Summer holidays.  

So get your school uniform shopping done before the end of July, then you can sit back and relax over the holidays. Moreover if anything needs changing, you’ll have plenty of time to do it. 

With over 180 years of specialist garment and fitting knowledge, there’s not much they don’t know or can’t provide when it comes to school uniform and sportswear.   They cater for hundreds of schools in the South East. 

The team will make your uniform and sportswear buying trip easy, providing a expert fitting service and advice as to sizing, wear and tear, the best materials and how to make your child’s uniform last as long as possible!

As Simmonds is always busy it's advised to book an appointment first. More appointments have gone live for new starter uniforms at Newnham Court sHopping Village. Head over to find your school and click book appointment to find available times. 

Be quick!  Appointments end on the 10th July.

Things to remember


  • Children’s feet grow an average of 1-2 sizes per year, with most girls’ feet stopping growing around age 14 and boys around 16.  Some may continue to grow a lot later than this! 
  • You don't need to spend a fortune, but you should always buy good quality shoes that won’t harm your children's feet as they grow. If you get good sizing advice and allow for growth, the shoes should (fingers crossed) last out the year!
  • Simmonds has an extensive stock of Start Rite school shoes for children of all ages and their trained staff can help advise you on growing room, foot support and sizing. 


  • The average growth for a school age child between 6 and 12 years old is about 2.5 inches per year. 
  • On average, boys tend to grow around 3 inches (or 7.6 centimetres) per year during their early teens and you might find that most of this happens over the summer holidays, so factor this into your purchases - particularly trousers and blazers. 
  • Always use the school uniform shop’s measuring guides and ideally take your children in to be measured and try on uniforms. 
  • You want the big ticket items like blazers to last most of their way through junior or senior school. Simmonds’ staff are hugely experienced and will be able to advise you on the size your child need in everything from trousers and skirts to sports gear and blazers.  
  • By trying things on and making sure they fit, you’re much less likely to need to change them a few months down the line! 

Simmonds offers a 100 day returns policy so don’t worry if you bought in June, you can still return or change sizes at the end of the Summer holidays. 

Take advantage of our quiet and convenient out of town location and plentiful free parking to make your uniform buying trip as stress-free as possible. We also have plenty of other stores to visit with the kids while you’re here.

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