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Kilo (1 year old, Male)

Kilo came into the Centre from a multi-cat household.

He has had little socialisation so will need a patient owner willing to give him the time he needs to settle. Once you sit in with him for a few moments he will become very affectionate and loves a stroke.
Kilo can be homed with other cats but not dogs.

Since being with us he has had upper respiratory and diarrhoea problems but now all resolved.


new cat kilo

Big spring event at Klass.


big spring event 2

Make the most of the summer evenings with a fire pit, at Notcutts!

fire pit 1 fire pit 2

Come look at the new season of clothing at Edinburgh Woollen Mill.

fashion show ewm


Here are our tips for growing flowers destined for your vase:

• Lily
• Sunflower
• Gladiolus
• Sweet pea
• Roses

Arrange them with some Lady’s Mantle, asparagus ferns or some other gorgeous foliage.

If you have any further tips please share them here

Shop at Newnham Court Shopping Village. Find us here http://bit.ly/2GO2pbR

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Super bargains at the Julian Charles HUGE Warehouse Clearance!

Up to 80% off! Come and get them. What will you be doing today?

Visit Newnham Court Shopping Village http://bit.ly/2GO2pbR

Step into Klass clothes shop at Newnham Court Shopping Village and check out its new summer collection. Replenish your wardrobe here at Newnham Court Shopping Village http://bit.ly/2GO2pbR

What clothing/footwear remind YOU of summer? Flipflops, or something else?

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klass summer collection 6 klass summer collection 5 klass summer collection 4 klass summer collection 3 klass summer collection 1

Staff at Maidenhead Aquatics are really excited: “We took our today, some small and colourful community species to get us started. Plenty more still to come, stay posted for more updates!”

What tropical fish do YOU love?

Find Maidenhead Aquatics here at Newnham Court Shopping Village http://bit.ly/2GO2pbR


new fish delivery

Here are a few tips for gardening this time of year:

· Watch out for late frosts – you don’t want your spuds decimated!

· Water early in the morning and late in the evening so your plants get the most from the water

· Lift and divide clumps of daffodils and other spring flowering bulbs

Got any gardening tips? Post them here.


Come and visit us at Newnham Court Shopping Village http://bit.ly/2GO2pbR


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Spring is definitely here and a bit of good weather, too. So, we thought we’d ask you a few questions about this season. We can’t wait to see your answers:


1.       What natural aroma makes you realise spring is here?

2.       What natural sounds do you like best at this time of year and why?

3.       What is your favourite flower/shrub this time of year?

4.       Do you find spring uplifting? If so tell us why?


Enjoy your day, and don’t forget that if you want to get out and about come to Newnham Court Shopping Village. Find us here http://bit.ly/2GO2pbR


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